May 2018 - August 2019

JOB ROLE - Intern

Software Engineering Intern, Automotive Display Team

  • Contributed to the display driver development across multiple HLOS frameworks for variety of customers features
  • Participated in design meetings to discuss customer requirements and formulate feature design documents
  • Authored technical feature design documents abide to automotive industrial best practices
  • Triaged and debugged customer issues through direct customer engagement and the Qualcomm customer engineering team
  • Restructured the entire display driver to abide by MISRA compliance code
  • Innovated and implemented the next-generation automotive display features
    • Splash Animation: Implemented an application from the scratch that displays an animation at the boot-up time
    • Dynamic Clients: Enhanced the display configuration to allow the user to instantiate multiple render clients of the same type on to the screen. For instance, the user can now launch two of the same apps
    • Dynamic Z-Order: Developed an OpenWF API to allow the user to configure the layer order of the application